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Hobby Chat Rooms

Have a specific hobby?  The Internet has opened up a whole new world for us to meet online and converse real time about our hobbies, thoughts, and beliefs. However, as in face to face communication, there are some common courtesies and protocols that must be observed while addressing others online.

A first rule of thumb, it is best to use proper judgment when selecting a username that you will use in the chatroom. Always avoid using any rude or inappropriate names- this will only cause others in the room to ignore you. Instead, use a name that best describes yourself to others. This can as simple as using your first name, initials, or even a hobby or interest. For example, a chat room talking about parenting may contain such nicknames as supermom, mom2boys, or suzieb.

After you have selected your name and are ready to chat, there are some proper greetings you should know in order to initiate a conversation. The best way to accomplish this is to use a simple, pleasant greeting, such as “Good Afternoon”. If this fails to catch anyone’s attention, you could attempt to address a particular member with a question. An example of this would be “mikeg, can you recommend any good sci-fi novels”. The person you are addressing will usually respond, thus launching your chat interaction. While you are chatting, always make sure you do not type in capital or boldface letters, as this is considered yelling in the online world. While it may attract attention, it is hard on the eyes to read, and you will either be scolded or not addressed at all. was created to help connect individuals with common interests in an easy and hassle free way. Our services have led to great relationships, friendships and companionships.